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Bernstein is widely recognized as Wall Street's premier sell-side research and brokerage firm with a global equity trading platform that serves leading investment managers around the world. We also server as a gateway through which our clients gain direct access to corporate issuers and exuctives. We leverage our research, sales, and trading capabilities for our clients on a daily basis to deliver the independent research and insight-driven trading our clietns need to help them keep ahead of tomorrow. Our Research Analysts are acknowledge throught leaders who typically have many years of experience in the industries they cover. They strive to provide our clients with the very highest caliber of independent, disciplined, and original research with the best detailed financial analysis and most useful valuation frameworks. Our signature Blackbooks, many of which are collaborative work, aim to deliver the log-term outloook and in-depth company and industry analyses that our clients need to evaluate opportunities and risks. Our trading platform uses propertiery "clean-pipe" algorithms to filter our predatory traders for 100% client management.


In Institutional Investor's latest annual client survey, the leading survey by which research analysts in our industry are evaluated, over 90% of our U.S. analysts and the majority of our European Analysts were recognized as among the best in their respective fields - more than any other firm in our industry. Results of the 2016 Greenwich Associates Survey confirm Bernstein's focus on client service. Bernstein REsearch was #1 for highest quality research product for the 13th straight year, as well as #1 for overall quality of analyst service, and greatest knowledge of companies and industries. U.S. Equity Sales was ranked #1 for tailoring research calls to client-specific needs, coordinating access to analysts, and providing intensive service. Electronic Trading ranked #1 for product quality, client service, dark pool liquidty-source algorithms, customizing algorithms to meet needs, and protecting orders gainst toxit conterparties or activities.


Bernstein has been servicing institutional clietns since 1967. We are wholly-owned subisdiary of our buy-side parent, AllianceBernstein.

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