Algorithmic Philosophy

Bernstein delivers superior global equity execution with the focus on client performance, service and transparency.

Bernstein’s algorithmic offering comprises a comprehensive suite of trading strategies, developed in-house, that maximizes access to all available sources of visible, grey and dark liquidity dynamically reacting to market conditions. Bernstein’s team of quantitative experts have advanced measures in place to optimize venues selection and limit the possibility of orders being gamed.

Algorithmic orders are monitored by experienced traders who are able to provide a personalized service and advise on recommended trading style or algo selection. Upon request traders can take control of specific orders.

Trading and Risk Tools

Learn about our stand alone, portfolio construction and risk analysis system.

Bernstein Cube

Accessed via the Bernstein Research website, the portfolio monitor enables the program trade to be measured against a variety of benchmarks, detailing graphically how performance has evolved throughout the trade

Trade Monitor

Bernstein Research

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