Asian Equity Trading

Bernstein’s Asian Equity Trading team is a combination of cash and electronic traders and is a dynamic group that works collectively with our Research Analysts and Salespeople to generate insightful content for our clients. Our team is an independent agency-only trading business and is centralised in Hong Kong from where it trades in all Asian markets. Our traders are encouraged to act as trade advisors to our clients, working with them to derive the best trading strategy. Our traders work to provide our clients with timely color and ideas based on what they see in the market, using themes, catalysts, technical analysis and trading flows to help create the link between the longer term fundamentals analysis of Bernstein’s Research team and the shorter term moves in stocks and sectors.
Asian Equity Trading

Daniel Gordon
Head of International Trading, Asia and Europe

Cash Trading

Ian Hutton
Head of International Trading, Asia

Neal Herman

Toon Leng Tan

Ayush Nagaraj

Franky Shiu

Ernest Tang

Jaff Tse


Tel  +1 855 428 8286

Electronic Trading

Eric Marchesseau
Head of Asian Electronic Trading

Johnny Lau

Christopher Wong


Tel  +1 855 582 3948


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