Portfolio Trading Strategy

Bernstein's Portfolio Trading Strategy (PTS) team aims to provide clients with a unique, personalised service intended to take portfolio construction, implementation and on-going assessment of risk to a higher level. Throughout the portfolio management process Portfolio Trading Strategy offer a client specific service, providing solutions to problems posed. Solutions may be delivered directly to a client's desktop, empowering clients to construct their own solutions and carry out their own analysis. Alternatively, Portfolio Trading Strategy can implement analysis directly on behalf of clients.

The Portfolio Trading Strategy team possesses extensive experience and understanding of significant index events. The team’s knowledge of both developed and emerging market beta management and trade rebalancing ensures smooth and worry-free implementation of optimized portfolios and the transition trade process. Clients requiring risk management expertise can rely on the Portfolio Trading Strategy team to deliver unique solutions and provide deeper insights into factors affecting portfolio risk.

For more information please e-mail PTStrategy@bernstein.com

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Accessed via the Bernstein Research website, the portfolio monitor enables the program trade to be measured against a variety of benchmarks, detailing graphically how performance has evolved throughout the trade

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